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Now that it's April 2nd ... we'll start this article with - Happy April Fools Day.

Novell is thrilled to announce its newest and greatest innovation; Novell GroupWisr!  While building Novell GroupWiseRegistered 2014, we wanted to make it as responsive as possible. We know that email can take up to 92.54% of your day, so we at Novell wanted to find ways to lighten that burden. That’s why we developed Novell GroupWisrTm.

GroupWisr is a groundbreaking new feature in GroupWise 2014 that takes auto-complete to a whole new level. Just like your browser auto-fills search suggestions, your GroupWisr client can now auto-complete entire emails. Although it may not be best utilized for use with complex emails, our studies show that GroupWisr can reduce your inbox burden by over 62.98%.

How it works

GroupWisr learns from your previous replies to recipients what you’re likely to say to them in your reply. It then composes and sends a reply for you and before you even read the original email! Imagine answering your emails without even a single click.

You can fine tune the GroupWisr response with detailed user controls. Choose to respond with single sentences or with details, whether you want to use slang or business language in your reply, and whether you want to “reply instantly” or “let it wait a bit” (to reflect actual working times).

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You can even select some finely worded canned responses like:

    • Yeah! I'll get to that when I get to that!


    • No problem ... it's already done!


    • Do we have budget for this?


    • Approved.


    • Has legal reviewed this yet?


    • Of course I read the email!

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Once you try GroupWisr, you’ll realize how burdensome other email programs that make you actually respond to your email messages are. We know that you’ll love GroupWisr so much that you won’t ever want to go back to actually replying to important emails. GroupWisr is sure to increase productivity across your organization. Try it today.



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