Is it possible to integrate Novell GroupWise into my corporate CRM?

What is the number one reason why customers migrate away from GroupWise? Is it cost, stability, reliability...? In our experience, it has been due to the historic lack of integration for CRMs, ERPs, enterprise portals and other line-of-business applications. That has all changed...

Novell Technology Partner, Omni, has developed eight business-critical integrations for Novell GroupWise 8. In fact, Omni's integrations surpass anything that is available for Microsoft Exchange/Outlook and CRMs. You can deliver transparent, bi-directional, server-side synchronization of appointments, phone calls, tasks, notes and address books between GroupWise and eight major CRMs. Plus, you can view, edit and delete your CRM quotes, cases and opportunities directly from within ANY GroupWise client -- including your BlackBerry.

Where it really gets compelling is the ability to convert a GroupWise email into a CRM opportunity, support case or "automagically" create a CRM account and the respective contacts based on a GroupWise email. One customer calculated that each of his CRM users will save 520 hours per year based on this integration for GroupWise by avoiding manual double-entry and providing CRM and GroupWise data when and where the support and sales teams need it.

The 8 integrations for GroupWise 8 include:

- Microsoft SharePoint (the #1 threat to GroupWise in 2009)
- SugarCRM (all versions)
- Microsoft Dynamics CRM
- GoldMine CRM
- SageCRM On Demand
- Info At Hand CRM (a SugarCRM derivative with advanced features)
- SQL Databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres)


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