Are you A GroupWise Power Administrator?


Yesterday we held our kick-off webinar for the Caledonia GroupWise Power Administrator Resource. We were joined in this webinar by Kai Reichert, Novell Product Manager for GroupWise Mobility Service. As part of our webinar, we installed and configured a new GroupWise Mobility Service 2.0 server, and Kai answered many questions by the attendees about the new release and the future plans for Mobility.

ID-100207655So what is the Caledonia GroupWise Power Administrator Resource you ask?  It is a membership site packed with information for serious GroupWise Administrators.  Just some of the benefits include:

    • Monthly log file analysis by the Caledonia team.


    • Monthly members only live webinars, with recorded replays available.


    • How-to videos for tasks that often are usually better shown than explained.


    • Members only wiki


    • Free copies of all books written by Danita Zanrè (with a minimum of two months' membership


    • Discounts on Caledonia consulting fees and special members only access to Caledonia personnel

This site is for serious administrators who want exclusive access to over 20 years of GroupWise experience.  Come check us out!


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