Indexing a GroupWise POA



A Forum reader recently asked:

"Is there a recommended standard configuration for indexing a POA? What should one normally see in this folder: \GW\PO\ofuser\INDEX"

And here is the response from Danita Zanre ...


You will see many files in the index directory, so I wouldn't even worry about what is in there. Whether or not these settings are right for your organization really depends on how much traffic you get each day. I find that most sites do not really do well with a once-a-day indexing.

But the way to really see what is happening is to make sure your POA is on verbose logging and look at the log during the indexing. Next to each user that is being indexed, you will see a number in parentheses -
like this:

19:37:20 096 Updating QuickFinder index: usercit.db (646)

For this particular user, there are 646 items to index for the indexing interval. You can also see if there are any problems in your indexing, anyway.

Just remember that if you have users who have a lot of "changes" in their mailboxes every day, indexing only once a day, at 3:00 a.m., means that a user who does a find at 4:30 in the afternoon will have to do all of the work himself at the desktop, rather than pulling info from


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