Restoring GroupWise E-mails and Accounts


As an administrator, sometimes users may call you to tell you that they deleted an important e-mail. There are two ways to restore e-mail: you can restore the mail for the users, or the users can restore the mail themselves.

In this article I'll show how you can use these two options. First, I'll explain how a user can restore his/her mail after the GroupWise administrator has restored the Postoffice database.

Restoring the GroupWise Database

Before you can restore mail, you need a backup of the GroupWise database. A GroupWise database consists of two parts: the Domain database and the Postoffice database. To restore a user mailbox you need to have a copy of the Post Office database. A copy of my database is shown below.

Figure 1 - Sample GroupWise database

In the restore directory I have a copy of the PO-Org database. It is a real copy of the production PO-ORG directory.

The next step is to create a Restore Area for GroupWise. To create a Restore Area with ConsoleOne, follow these steps:

1. Open ConsoleOne and select the GroupWise Domain.

Figure 2 - Selecting the GroupWise domain

2. Click Tools, GroupWise System Operations, Restore Area Management. The following screen will appear:

Figure 3 - Restore Area Directory Management

You will see that I have three restore areas. Now I'll show you how you can create a new one for the ORG Postoffice.

3. Click Create.

Figure 4 - Creating a Backup/Restore area

4. In the screen above, edit the Name and the UNC Path field.

Important: In the UNC Path field, point to the Restored Database Directory of the ORG Postoffice, NOT to the live database!

5. Click OK. You will see that the Restore Area is in the list.

Figure 5 - Restore Area

6. Click Create, and the Restore Area will be synchronized into the GroupWise system. This can take a little while, depending on the size of your GroupWise system.

Next, you need to add a member to the GroupWise restore Area. Only members of the Restore Area can use it. So if a user need to have something restored, you must add the user as a member to the Restore Area.

7. To add a user to a restore area, select the Restore Area and click Edit.

8. Select the Membership tab and click Add.

Figure 6 - Adding the Membership

8. Browse to the user you want to add to the Restore Area.

9. Click OK and then Close.

The user has been added as a member of the Restore Area.

Client Setup

Now that you have prepared the GroupWise system, you need to do some setup with the GroupWise client. In the example below, I have added myself to the GroupWise restore Area.

1. Open your GroupWise client.

As you can see in the example below, my on-line mailbox is empty.

Figure 7 - Empty online mailbox

2. Select File > Open Backup.

As you can see, you now have a lot of e-mail in your inbox.

Figure 8 - View of backup mailbox

You are currently in Backup mode. To restore a mail to the online mailbox,

3. Select the mail and right-click on it.

4. Select Restore.

The mail will now be transferred to the online mailbox.

Figure 9 - Mail transferred into online mailbox

As you see in my on-line mailbox, I have restored one e-mail.

Restoring a GroupWise Mailbox

The above example showed how a user can restore an e-mail. There is also an option where the GroupWise administrator can restore the mailbox.

First, you must complete all the above steps:

  • Back up and restore the GroupWise PostOffice database.

  • Create a Restore Area in ConsoleOne.

  • Add a member to the Restore Area.

After you have done the above tasks,

1. Open ConsoleOne.

Figure 10 - Administrator account in ConsoleOne

2. From within the GroupWise view, select the user you want to restore the mailbox from.

3. Go to Tools, GroupWise Utilities, Backup/Restore Mailbox. You will see this screen:

Figure 11 - Backup/Restore Mailbox

4. Click Yes. All the e-mails in the backup database will be restored to the online mailbox. Depending on the size of your mailbox that needs to be restore, this operation can take a while.

The user will see the mail automatically restored in his/her mailbox, without any further action needed.

Restoring a GroupWise Account

Now that you know how to restore a mailbox from a user, it's also handy to know how to restore a complete GroupWise account. This is done after you have deleted a complete GroupWise account as an administrator.

Note: When you restore a GroupWise Account, this does not restore the e-mails in the account. To restore the e-mails, use the procedure described earlier in this article.

To restore a GroupWise account,

1. Find the wpdomain.db file from within the Domain database.

2. Restore it to a location on your network or PC.

Figure 12 - Restoring the wpdomain.db file

You can use ConsoleOne to restore the deleted GroupWise Account.

3. Open ConsoleOne and select the Postoffice where the user must be restored.

Figure 13 -

4. Click Tools, GroupWise Utilities, Recover Deleted Account.

This screen appears:

Figure 14 - Selecting the Post Office for the restore

5. In the Backup Domain Path, browse to the restored wpdomain.db file.

Figure 15 - Recover GroupWise Account

6. Click the GroupWise icon next to "Account to Restore".

7. In the screen that comes up, find the user you want to restore and click OK.

Figure 16 - Selecting the GroupWise object to restore

You will see this screen:

Figure 17 - Account to Restore specified

8. Click Next.

You will see this screen:

Figure 18 - Additional information for restore object

9. Click Next.

Now you will see the summary.

Figure 19 - Recover GroupWise Account: Summary

10. Check to see that everything is OK, then click Finish.

Now the GroupWise account will be restored from the wpdomain.db database file.


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