When using GroupWise 5.5 which is included with Novell Small Business Suite 5 (NSBS5), you also have the ability to manage POP3 accounts with the aid of the POP Forwarding Agent (PFA). PFA was installed by default when you installed NSBS5. It allows you to use dynamic IP addressing from an ISP to receive e-mail from the Internet. Depending on your configuration, this agent can collect e-mail for one organization from a POP3 mailbox or specific user POP3 mailboxes and forward the e-mail to the local GroupWise users' mailboxes.

This download file contains files necessary to update all previous versions of the POP-Forwarding Agent (PFA) to the Global Release 6 level. PFA G6 fixes some mail delivery bugs in PFA_G5 and earlier. PFA_G5 updates PFA_G4 with additional documentation in this Readme file and includes a revised NWCONFIG install script. PFA_G5 fixes several issues found in previous shipping versions of the PFA.

Specifically, this file resolves the problem where messages from a domain POP3 mailbox piled up in the SYS:\MAIL\GWDOM\PFA directory rather than being forwarded from the server to local users on the network.

For more information, read this article.

Note: The PFA is not included in the Novell Small Business Suite (version 6 / GroupWise 6).


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