Setting Up a GroupWise Post Office for Students



A Forum reader recently asked:

"I would like some advice on how to set up a new post office for our students to give them email for the first time in our school district. I plan on creating one post office for all students, however, it might require that I install multiple Post Offices. I would like their address book separated from the Staff Address book, and I would like to deny access to most of these students to the Gateway, but allow some individuals through that are taking distance learning classes. Also, if there is a way to prevent say, a high school student from sending an email to a elementary student, I would like to do that as well. Any thoughts on what design I should go forward with?"

And here's the response from Timothy Leerhoff ...


You can do most of this with GroupWise.

The present change is to turn the staff into PO-only visibility. This will prevent the students from seeing the staff email addresses. Setting up students to not be able to receive or send email outside of the system is an easy task.

1. Set up a second - and probably 3rd - class of service in GWIA.

2. Have an "Student Allowed Internet Email" and a "Student Not Allowed Internet Email" class setting, each as needed. This allows you to have rules for students with internet email without having an effect on the staff. For example, you could limit attachments to 500k, too small for most MP3s.

The hitch is adding a PO for high school and one for elementary, then isolating them from each other while allowing staff to see them. The way I can see to do this is:

1. Set all students to a PO-only visibility.

2. Create an address book with the students in it and share it to the staff.


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