Knowledge Document: How to change the GroupWise POA log level without restarting the POA


Unable to restart the POA during production hours but need to change the POA log level.

In the GroupWise Admin Console, open the POA object properties.

On the 'General' tab | Select the hyper link for: 'Launch POA Console'

In the POA http console, select the 'Configuration' tab at the top of the page

Scroll down on the page and click on the 'Log Settings' link

Set the log level to the desired level

At the bottom of the section, check the box for 'Cycle Log' and click on 'Submit'

To confirm the logging level has successfully changed, select 'Log Files' at the top of the POA http console page

Scroll to the bottom of the log files shown and select the most current log file with an * next to it and click 'View Events'

In the log file, find the 'Log Settings' section and verify the log level has been set to the appropriate level.

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