GroupWise Web Client: how to influence – part two!


In a first step I have shown how to influence our web client.

There I explored the docker environment and moved logos and pictures into a container. I mentioned that it is a little bit harder to change colors or layout because we have to influence css.


I received several requests, how to remove this “cemetery”. 

Is there an option to change this entry page?


First of all I have to analyze web client’s welcome page. Browser’s developer tool offers a smart way to check and presents following information. This cemetery is not a simple icon or picture but a list of “plus” characters.

However it seems that “+” is not easy to replace. Further investigations show that this character has been set in js files which makes my intentions too difficult.

Therefore I decided to let “+” disappear. Maybe changing colors is easier …

Analyze part two

My next step will be to find out formatting options for this entry. Browser’s developer tool helps again:

This screenshot shows that there is a formatting setting “.character-grid .character-grid-row .character-grid-col” in file “styles.6151..01ed6.css”. color is our interesting setting (default value: #000).

Get the right file

I will enter our docker container again (docker exec -t <container-name> bash), to find the right file. My command find / | grep styles will hopefully deliver a short result.


Adjust a new value

Well I know the file – now I have to change its contents.

I copy this detected file to root directory outside of my docker container.
docker cp ng:/app/styles.6151b78bc5601ed6.css .

Within this file I search for “.character-grid .character-grid-row .character-grid-col” and adjust color to #ffffff.

To get a fast result I copy back this changed file:
docker cp styles.6151b78bc5601ed6.css ng:/app/.

If I check the new “Welcome page” then this cemetery should be hidden (or white). However browser cache needs some time – fortunately a “private browser tab” accelerates my efforts.

Make it “perpetual”

So I extend my docker startup command by adding a new external reference: docker run -d -v /root/styles.439a238e96016e57245a.css:/app/ styles.6151b78bc5601ed6.css …..

Really perpetual?

No, probably each new version of this docker container will change this styles file.

Therefore perhaps after updates your "cemetery" appears again. In this case you have to check, if styles file has changed its “number”. But if you have documented all your steps, then it will be easy and fast to bring back your settings.


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