Knowledge Document: Old Post Office deleted but still showing up as pending



GroupWise 18.4.x


An old secondary Post Office has been deleted but it's still showing up as pending on the Primary Domain.


An object might still be present during the Post Office deletion


1. On the primary domain server create a directory like, for example
/folder. Copy all the DC files that are present in the directory of the primary domain.
2. Run gwadminutil command:
#gwadminutil rebuild -d <path to primary> -o /folder -n <pending_PO_for deletion>
This will create wpdomain.db file there for the secondary domain.
3.Run gwsc command:
#gwsc -i /folder
This will update gwha.conf file on the server and this should start the secondary domain MTA on the primary domain server.
4. If connections are opened between primary and secondary then connect to this secondary domain and delete the Post Office.
5. Wait until this is replicated and the deletion is also confirmed by the primary domain.
6. Reconnect back to the primary domain and see if the Post Office for deletion is totally gone.
7. If this has been completed the secondary domain can also be deleted, stop the MTA and will removed the entry from gwha.conf file.

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