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GroupWise 18


The POA HTTP console does not display any current log files.

In an effort to only view the current log files, the administrator moved/deleted all of the POA log files from the production log directory while the POA was running.

Refreshing the POA HTTP console will not display the current log file.


The POA must be restarted in order for the current log file to be displayed in the POA HTTP console.

To restart the POA in the GroupWise Admin Console, select Post Office Agents | <the POA that needs to be stopped> | Stop Agent

After the POA has successfully stopped, select the Start Agent button to start the POA up.

To restart the POA on a Linux server, open a terminal or putty session to the POA server.
Enter the following command to find the full name of the POA and verify that it is running: rcgrpwise status

Next, enter the following command to restart the POA: rcgrpwise restart <PoName.DomainName>
In the example above, the command would be: rcgrpwise restart post01.pdomain
To confirm the POA is running once again, enter the command: rcgrpwise status

To restart the POA on a Windows server, open Services.
Locate the running POA name, right-click and select Stop.
After the POA shows stopped, right-click again and select Start.
Confirm the POA status shows running.

Close the POA HTTP Console page and open it again.
Confirm that the POA log files are now visible for viewing

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