Knowledge Document: Getting Messenger client active on a mobile device also when it runs in a background



GroupWise Messenger client for mobile devices.


You have configured a Messenger client on your mobile device. However, if it is not in the foreground but running in the background, it becomes inactive and disconnects from a server.


You will need to allow this application to use the battery on your device unrestricted. By default, when you install it, a device OS sets a battery usage in Optimized mode, and that causes the application to disconnect from a server when it runs in the background.
On Android devices, for instance, this can be configured via Settings -> Applications -> find the Messenger and tap on it -> find Battery section and tap on it and change current settings Optimized into Unrestricted.
You will need to count on the fact that the application will now consume a bit more of your phone battery. You could re-check it in the future as some optimization or online updates of the phone can revert back to the original Optimized battery usage setting.

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