Consultant's Corner: The Light Side of the Bonsai Force

"Always in motion is the future." Yoda

The same can be said for GroupWise. Bonsai - the code name for the next version of GroupWise - is proving that for sure. Over the next 6 to 7 months I will be writing an article per month exposing Bonsai's new and improved features. I have been working with the beta and will provide you an inside look and feel of the "tasty goodness" that is Bonsai. And since it's a new year, and we have a new version of GroupWise coming, I decided to use a new theme for my articles. Have you guessed what it is yet? Jedi Quotes.

In this article I will take an overview approach and provide you with new features, functions, and fun as well as a few screen shots to help you envision the vision of Bonsai. Off we go!

Bonsai New Goodies

Where to start? Well, the first place would be the installation. Whether doing an upgrade or a brand new installation, there is a new look, feel, and function for the installation package. As usual, at the main installation screen you are given the choice of 'Install GroupWise System' - and now a new 'Install More Components'.

1. Install GroupWise System: Install new or update existing GroupWise system, including installing GWIA. You can also install just Agents from this path.

2. Install More Components: Install WebAccess, Monitor and the GroupWise client from this path. And the new Calender
Publishing Host can be installed here for implementing Published GroupWise Calenders.

When you follow the 'Install GroupWise System' path you will find choices to build a new GroupWise, update an existing installation, or install agents. This makes the installation/upgrade/expansion of a GroupWise system more streamlined. And as an added benefit, you can install a new GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA). The old way to install GWIA had you traversing the Software Distribution Directory to the Internet > GWIA > Install.exe file. In the Install More Components path, you are given several options for installing all the other 'goodies' that come with GroupWise. Yeah, the old stand-bys are there: WebAccess, Monitor and the Client. New is the Calender Publishing Host. This is a web-server-based addition to GroupWise that serves up GroupWise calendars for the GroupWise and non-GroupWise masses on the web. Imagine that you have a project or business calendar in your GroupWise mailbox that you want to share with the general public. Well, now you can as an end user, without a GroupWise administrator helping you out. I will be covering the new Calendar Publishing feature in a future article.

Figure 1: Install GroupWise System with GWIA installation

Figure 2: Install More Components with WebAccess, Monitor, the new Calendar Publishing Host and the GroupWise Client

The Bonsai Agents have seen new additions as well. The POA has a new assistant called the GWDCA or Document Converter Agent. And the POA will index PDF files - finally! The HTTP monitoring functionality of the Agents has increased further to support GroupWise administrators.

Figure 3: New GroupWise Document Convert Agent which loads with the POA

For the GroupWise administrator, Bonsai provides the following:

1. Windows Vista support is included for installation/updates, etc.

2. Email Address Publishing to eDirectory is available.

3. External GroupWise System connectivity has been made simpler.

4. Mailbox Size Maximum has been increased from 4GB to ... are you sitting down ... 4TB for mailbox size limits.

5. GroupWise Client Auditing, in order to survey what GroupWise clients your organization is using such as Windows, Linux or Mac.

6. The Identity Manager (IDM) Driver has new additions as well.

7. There are GroupWise Client Options in the Properties of the Domain, Post Office, and User for streamlined
administration of the GroupWise client look and feel

8. Default Maintenance on the Post Office is more in line with Best Practices.

Figure 4: Domain Properties with the new "View Client Options"

Next up are the clients. The Linux and MAC clients have been improved substantially to be closer to the Windows client. But the Windows client has exploded with tons of new features as well. There are too many to name here, so let me just touch on a few of the ones I like.

1. Publishing and Subscribing to Personal Calendars

2. Alternate Time Zones for fast adjustment to the Time/Space continuums you travel between.

3. Add notes and attachments to incoming messages, just like you do now with Personalize for the Subject

4. TaskList features and function to replace/improve the current Checklist function

5. Viewing all personal address books under Contacts folder

6. CSV Import/Export abilities with Contacts

And not to be left out of the picture, the WebAccess Client. WOW - has it grown up! And there are some great new features that I just love. The Bonsai WebAccess client will really allow organizations to consider no longer pushing a Workstation client, instead opting for more WebAccess for their users. Here is a quick list for you:

1. Auto Save of emails is done every 10-60 seconds, so no more lost effort for you.

2. Spellcheck now highlights the misspellings.

3. Multiple Personal Calendaring has landed in WebAccess, along with sharing and publishing of those calendars.

4. TaskList is added, as well as an RSS Feeds folder, the same as the Windows client.

5. Contact Management has arrived in WebAccess, as feature-rich as the Windows client.

Figure 5: WebAccess New Contact Management View of a Contact

Figure 6: WebAccess New Calendar Options: Share, Publish

Figure 7: WebAccess Recovery Options when a message was auto-saved


As you can see, there are many Hot, New, Exciting Features coming with the next version of GroupWise. I will be digging down deep into the features in the coming months and hope to provide you with more depth and even more features, so you can be "One with the Force" of GroupWise Bonsai. "Mind what you have learned. Save you it can!"

Got comments or article ideas? Need help with GroupWise? Drop me a line at:
href=""> "The Force is strong in this one."


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