GroupWise (new) Web Client: how to influence!


The new web client for GroupWise is docker based. Somehow this is like a black box, especially in the beginning. To make it running you have to pass port numbers, a configuration file and a little bit more into docker. These options are explained in GroupWise documentation.

Push information into docker - part 1

Documentation tells us that -p is defining which port will be used outside of docker and inside of docker; -p 443:443 - ":" is equal to "pass to". To pass the right connectivity information we have to use -v; i.e. "my configuration file outside docker":/etc/nginx/gw - this seems to be a location where nginx configures how to connect to post offices.

If you have special requests like certificates then there is already some information. You have to pass your certs into a directory /certs and name your files server.key and server.crt; -v "your cert directory":/certs.
I had an additional request: I  wanted to use a very special hosts file. So I had to forward "my hosts file":/etc/hosts.

Change login logo

A new request appeared those days ... someone asked if there is a possibility to change logos or colors.

Explore the docker environment

To understand how this black box works, I have to enter it.

My web client has been started with "docker run -d --name ng ...". This is the statement to enter my docker environment: "docker exec -it ng bash" and start a bash to walk around.
During my exploration I discovered that nginx uses a configuration directory "/etc/nginx" as expected. Document root for nginx is based in directory /app.

To change a login logo I have analyzed the name of some logos for our web client. There is a big picture on the right side (1152 x 551) and a smaller one on the left side (164 x 164); the big one is named login_image.jpg, the small one app-logo.svg. Yes, take care of the extension!
Searching for login_image I will get a long list of directories:

If my approach is right, then I have to replace login_image.jpg and app-logo.svg in /app/assets/img for default language (=English) and in those language directories which are important for me.

Push information into docker - part 2 - change your logo

Well, I have explained how to push information into docker. Here is my enhanced statement:

docker run -d -v / -v /etc/hosts:/etc/hosts
-v /root/OH3.svg:/app/assets/img/app-logo.svg
-v /root/login_image.jpg:/app/assets/img/login_image.jpg
-v /root/OH3.svg:/app/de/assets/img/app-logo.svg
-v /root/login_image.jpg:/app/de/assets/img/login_image.jpg


So you see that you can use different named files outside of docker. But especially for app-logo.svg take care to use a svg file (i.e. convert jpg to svg)!

Try it out! If it fails then remove these -v enhancements.

Here is my result:


Yes, it is easy to influence a docker environment.

But I did not explain how to change colors. Yes, this is a little bit harder - here you have to change css files.


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    So show your statement! My hints do not really show the whole part - just the pieces you had to add to your existing one

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    I attempted to use your script to change logo's and images. Did not work. I get ""docker run" requires at least 1 argument."