Missing some cool pet features? Micro Focus GroupWise has it.


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When it comes to email software solutions, we all have our “pet” features that keep us from migrating to other solutions. Case in point: We’ve noticed those on GroupWise seem to care a lot about two unique features that most email clients lack:

Silent Email Retraction

One of the most common features customers new to Micro Focus enjoy is silent email retraction. In fact, one of the biggest complaints we hear from organizations that move to other software email solutions is the lack of silent email retraction.

In case you’re not familiar, silent email retraction is a feature that allows the sender to “Retract” an email before the recipient has an opportunity to read it.

One might think silent email retraction is primarily to prevent embarrassment in case the wrong message goes to the wrong person. However, there are many other reasons for this feature.

Let’s be honest: how many of you have hit “send” only to remember there’s one more thing you wanted to mention. You’ll need to send a follow-up email with one minor piece of information.

Here’s another example. Say there is an upcoming meeting, and you send a list of necessary items each attendee should bring with him or her. After sending the email, however, you realize you forgot to add an important item to the list. With silent email retraction, you can easily and discretely retract the email before they open it, correct your message, and resend it without anyone knowing.

This helps reduce mailbox clutter by removing the need for “Oops! Forgot something!” messages.

Of course, silent email retraction does allow users to retract damaging information and avoid looking silly. But the point is there are other legitimate business reasons for silent email retraction.

Email Tracking

Another feature we see customers frequently asking is about email tracking. There are many cases when it’s useful to know if someone opened your email or not:

    • Following-up with information about a project and knowing whether or not a person has actually seen your message


    • Knowing how many people in a group have opened your email, letting you know if you should reach out to them in some other way


    • Tracking employees in a non-invasive way to see who’s reading your messages and who’s ignoring you

Just like silent email retraction, email tracking is a simple but a favorite feature many individuals miss once they switch away from GroupWise.

If You’re Missing a Pet Feature, GroupWise Probably Has It

These are just a couple of features that make GroupWise valuable. The truth is, if you’re missing a pet feature from a different email software product, odds are GroupWise has it. It just may be a little hidden in the many, many features GroupWise offers. Reach out to your Micro Focus representative or visit our information page to learn how Micro Focus actually delivers the email features you need to get work done – even the “pet” features.

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