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A Forum reader recently asked:

"I have a GW 7.02 system running in a test environment on NetWare 6 SP4. I have created an OES Linux box, and I'm preparing to install GroupWise, but I DON'T want to create a new system OR migrate the post offices or domains from my Netware system. I want the two boxes to operate simultaneously in the same tree (I already have the Linux box in the NDS tree). Basically, I want to MOVE the NDS GroupWise users over to the Linux GroupWise box and keep all post offices, domains, GWIAs, etc., intact.

Is this possible? And if so, how would I "find" the domain for the original NDS GroupWise system on my Linux box? "

And here's the response from Gregg Hinchman ...


My assumption is that you want to have an "exact copy" of your existing GroupWise system on the Linux box. Then you would just turn off the NetWare box and be running GroupWise on Linux.

There are two ways to do this. And remember, I do not know your GroupWise system - number of domains, users, gateways, etc.

Method A:

1. Create a new Secondary Domain on the Linux box - then create a new post office under this domain.

2. Move users from NW post office to the Linux post office.

3. Once you're happy with the results, remove the old post office and domain.

This will be a lot of work, usually, and will require each user account to be touched.

Method B

Use the GW LX migration tool to move the entire current system over to the Linux box.

This is a data copy job, along with changing parameters in the GroupWise objects that lie within eDirectory. This is easier.

Consolidating the entire system into a central data center can be a big undertaking. PLANNING and DOCUMENTATION are key. Write up the plan and the design, then document it. This will give you a picture to work over and find the flaws.

I have done a ton of such projects over the years, including a 14,000-user system that was a complete redesign and move to central data center on a large cluster. This had the best of both worlds: clustering, redesign, post office moves AND mailbox moves. The key to success - planning.

In your case:

1. Get the cluster built and tested - I assume OES Linux - or if you are doing SLES 10, then Heartbeat 2. I've not heard great things about HB 2.0, compared to Novell cluster services.

2. Once the cluster is built and ready, choose a post office and move it over to Linux on a cluster resource. This means a copy job, and IP and UNC path changes.

3. Now -here is where I will 'take heat': I would suggest a redesign - no need to have a post office per domain. You really only need 1 domain that houses 6 post offices. With that, you really only need 5 post offices - maybe even just 4 - depending on data size and contiguous access.

4. Once the post office and its domain are moved to Linux, they are solid. If you are doing a redesign, then the post office and domain would land on a temp location, but users would still have access. Then you would start moving mailboxes to the new design.

5. Once the first PO is done, you can delete the PO and domain. Then move the
second, and then move its mailboxes.

All of this will take a while, unless you are dedicated to it and have no other responsibilities.


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