Consultants Corner: Quick Tip: Linux Commands for GroupWise Administrators

This quick tip will provide you the GroupWise administrator with a few of what I find to be the most often used Linux commands. This list is by no means complete nor comprehensive. It's just the ones I have found myself using daily. I hope it provides you with some assistance as you move toward GroupWise 2014.

Change Directory:

  • cd /directory

Make/Remove a Directory:

  • Make:
    mkdir /location/newdirectory
    mkdir /tmp/groupwise

  • Remove:
    rmdir /location/directoryTOdelete
    rmdir /tmp/groupwise

List/Look at what is in a directory:

  • ls /location

  • ls /tmp


  • ls - -help
    Provides a ton of options for listing files/directories

Find/Kill a Process:

  • ps -eaf | grep [process name ie: ConsoleOne]

  • kill -9 [pid]


  • netstat -tnlp

Copy Files from one Linux Server to another:

  • scp -r /source directory root@server(IP Address):/target directory

Test Disk Performance on Linux:

  • hdparm -t /dev/sdb –for disk

  • hdparm -t /dev/sdb1 --for partition

What version of code am I running:

  • rpm -qa | grep groupwise

  • rpm -e [novell-groupwise-gwia.8.0.3] -removes the rpm from the system.

UnTAR a file:

  • tar -xzf filename

  • tar -xzf gw12.0.2_full_linux_en.tar.gz

Install/Upgrade/run and RPM:

  • Install:

    • rpm -ivh filename

  • rpm -ivh novell-groupwise-dbcopy-12.0.2

  • Upgrade/Run:

    • rpm -Uvh filename

  • rpm -Uvh novell-groupwise-dbcopy-12.0.2

Mount Windows Disk/Volume with CIFS:

  • Example: mount -t cifs //IP Address of Windows Server/Share(or D$) /mnt/wingw -o username=Admin,password=pwd,domain=Demo

  • mount -t cifs //$ /mnt/wingw -o username=Administrator,password=novell,domain=Demo

  • If the server is not part of a Domain, you can leave off the domain= part.

  • If you have a share for the D$, that will work as well but make sure to spell it with the correct case.

GroupWise Commands:
Start|Stop|Status|Restart GroupWise on Linux:
This will perform the command for all agents/services running on the server.

  • rcgrpwise start

  • rcgrpwise status

  • rcgrpwise restart

  • rcgrpwise stop

This will perform the command for a specific agent/service running on the server.

  • rcgrpwise stop po.podom :This will stop the po post office.

  • rcgrpwise start po.podom :This will start the po post office.

  • rcgrpwise stop gwia.gatedom :This will stop the gwia under the gatedom domain.

  • rcgrpwise start gwia.gatedom :This will start the gwia under the gatedom domain.

  • rcgrpwise stop podom :This will stop the podom domain.

  • rcgrpwise start podom :This will start the podom domain.

Load an Agent with the Agent Interface:

  • cd /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin :Changes to the location of the agent executables.

  • ./gwmta - -show @mtaconfig.cfg :Load a domain MTA with the Agent Interface.

  • ./gwpoa - -show @poaconfig.cfg :Load a post office POA with the Agent Interface.

  • ./gwia - -show @gwiaconfig.cfg : Load a gwia agent with the Agent Interface.

GroupWise Monitor:

  • rcgrpwise-ma start

  • rcgrpwise-ma stop

  • rcgrpwise-ma status

  • rcgrpwise-ma restart



  • /etc/init.d/ndsd start

  • /etc/init.d/ndsd stop

  • /etc/init.d/ndsd status

  • /etc/init.d/ndsd restart

Shutdown Linux Server:

  • shutdown - -help :Lists various options.

  • shutdown -r now :Reboot after shutdown, now. No time delay.

  • shutdown -h now :Immediate Shutdown now. No time delay.

  • shutdown -c :Cancels running shutdown.

Network Commands:

  • netstat :Shows what ports are open among other things.

  • netstat - -help :Provides list of netstat commands

  • ifconfig :Shows what server IP address, Mask, Default Gateway, etc.

  • ifconfig - -help : Provides list of ifconfig commands

GroupWise on Linux Paths:

  • Executables: /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin

  • Startup Files: /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/share
    In a cluster: /media/nss/GWVOL/groupwise/agents/share

  • Configuration Files: /var/opt/novell/groupwise

  • PID Files: /var/run/novell/groupwise

  • Master Script: /etc/init.d/grpwise

  • Master Configuration File: /etc/opt/novell/groupwise/gwha.conf

  • Log Files: /var/log/novell/groupwise
    In a cluster: /media/nss/GWVOL/groupwise/agents/logs

  • GroupWise SDD (default): /opt/novell/software
    In a cluster: /media/nss/GWVOL/software

  • ConsoleOne Executable: /usr/ConsoleOne/bin/ConsoleOne

  • WebAccess Application Files: /var/opt/novell/groupwise/webaccess/ *.*

  • GWIA Configuration File: /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/share/gwia.cfg
    In a cluster: /media/nss/GWVOL/groupwise/agents/share/gwia.cfg

  • GWMonitor Configuration Files:

  • Calendar Publishing Host Files: /var/opt/novell/groupwise/calhost/calhost.cfg
    LDAP Cert. File: /var/opt/novell/tomcat5/webapps/gwcal/WEB-INF/classes/certfilename.der

Marketing Moment: If you are new to Linux and need to move from NetWare, please drop me a line, I can make it painless and you will get the training you need to be successful.

Got comments or article ideas? Need GroupWise help? Drop me a line at: “The Force is strong in this one.”


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