Disable logins for all members of a specific group in a GroupWise system.


You may have the need to disable multiple user accounts at the same time. Depending on the number of accounts you need to edit, this could be a time-consuming process having to manually edit each account individually.

Attached is a script that will disable all accounts that are members of a group in your GroupWise system.

Create a group in your GroupWise system. Add all accounts you want to disable as members of the group.

Download the attached .txt file and rename it to have a .sh extension. Copy the script file to your GroupWise server and make it executable.

Launch the script. Fill in the requested information:

GW Admin service address
GWAdmin service port
GroupWise Admin username
GroupWise Admin password
Name of the group you created for this purpose.

The script will "read" the group membership of the group name you provided and disable all of those accounts.


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