Configuring GroupWise WebAccess causes the Process to Crash

On a few, rare, occasions I have come across the issue of the install script for GroupWise crashing when trying to run the Configure option for WebAccess. Upon further investigation, I find there are multiple WebAccess RPMs installed on the server.

Command to check what GroupWise WebAccess RPMs are installed on the server:

# rpm -qa | grep groupwise-webaccess

This command will return a list of GroupWise WebAccess RPMs installed and there should only be one listed. However, as mentioned above, the servers in question had multiple listed. When trying to uninstall the RPMs the process would error out stating that the RPM is not installed.

Command to uninstall the WebAccess RPM:

# rpm -e groupwise-webaccess-webapp

The issue was narrowed down to a corrupt RPM database. To remedy this situation the following was done:

  1. Make a backup just in case

    # mkdir -p /backups/rpm/
    # cp -avr /var/lib/rpm/* /backups/rpm/

  • Remove /var/lib/rpm/__db* files

    # cd /var/lib/rpm/
    # rm -f __db*

  • Rebuild RPM database:

    # rpm --rebuilddb -vv
    # rpmdb_verify Packages

Once the RPM database is repaired it is possible to uninstall all the WebAccess RPMs. Once the RPMs are uninstalled run the GroupWise installation script, install WebAccess and then run the Configure option and all is good.



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