TeamPlanner for GroupWise


GWTeamPlanner is a standalone program using the GroupWise ObjectAPI to display the appointments of a variable number of users over a variable number of days in a convenient tabular and concise way.

This display allows a very efficient planning of yourself and your colleagues.

In addition users can mark days for every user to be on an external appointment, to be ill or offline or to be in his holidays.

One can even create new appointments for a selected day with all selected users with a click of the mouse.

If you want to print, mail or post the team plan on your intranet you can export the plan to excel compatible html. If you need more information you can switch the display into textmode, which is also exportable.

Future versions will feature a timeline which displays the possibility for a group meeting and will send the appropriate appointment to all members of a group if selected. It will also display the appointments with lines relative to their time, while it currently displays the appointment duration with shades of gray. The next major release will be a web enabled version running on Linux using the new GroupWise CAP Protocol.


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