Registering and Updating using Filr’s Online Update Channel


One of the new capabilities introduced in Filr 3.0 is the “Online Update Channel”. This feature helps to simplify management of your Filr system by bringing all the updates that the Filr team releases to Filr Appliances directly.

A few of the advantages with this approach are:

    1. Ensures that the Filr Administrator doesn’t need to constantly watch for updates at the Filr product download site


    1. Minimizes time and risk of binary corruption when downloading and uploading patches into Filr


    1. Helps the Filr team deliver the new features and enhancements that you have requested a lot faster than ever before


    1. Get new features on your existing Filr appliance without needing to install a new Filr virtual appliance

Using this software update delivery mechanism - the Filr team has already shared new features like File Type Blocking, Enhanced Access Manager Integration, and the ability to Enable/Disable Desktop-Client Pop-up Notifications as part of the Filr 3.1 release.

After Filr 3.1, the team has released Filr 3.1.1 - which contains bug fixes - via the Online Update channel.

Given the value this brings to Filr Administrators, I thought of sharing the steps on how you could register and use the Online Update Channel.

Registration to the Online Update Channel:

    1. Log in to the Micro Focus Customer Center site and note down the activation key OR the mirroring credentials for SMT registration.


    1. Log in to the Appliance Console (https://appliance_ip_or_dns:9443) on each of the Filr appliances and navigate to the “Online Update” tile of the Appliance Configuration section.


    1. Register to the Online Update feature through either the Micro Focus Customer Center (MCC) OR the Local Subscription Management Tool (SMT).

        1. To register with MCC, enter the registered e-mail address and the activation key acquired from the Micro Focus Customer Center. The figure below depicts the two fields (Email and Activation Key used by MCC).


        1. To register with SMT, enter the host-name of the SMT server, and the SSL cert if you want the communication to happen over SSL. Also specify the Namespace if you use staging. The format of the SMT server address and SMT cert are as specified in the figure below.


After successful registration, you are all set to update your Filr system using the Online Update Channel.

Procedure to Update:

Notes to consider before you update:

    1. There should be some downtime that needs to be planned for the Filr server(s) during this update.


    1. Ensure that all of your Filr appliances are on 3.0 version and updated with “Filr-” kernel patch.


    1. The Filr 3.1 and Filr 3.1.1 updates are applicable to Filr appliances. Note that Filr 3.1 and Filr 3.1.1 do not contain any updates for Lucene and MySQL appliances.


    1. Once registered to either SMT/MCC:

        1. In the case you are at 3.0 version, there would be three updates available in the “Needed Patches”.

            1. ‘Recommended update for Filr desktop apps’ which includes bug fixes.

            1. ‘Filr 3.1 Update’ which includes the new features and bug fixes.

            1. Filr 3.1.1’ which includes bug fixes. The picture depicted below shows the three updates being listed in the “Needed Patches” list.


        1. In the case you are at 3.1 version, there would be one update available in the “Needed Patches”.

            1. Filr 3.1.1` which includes bug fixes. The picture depicted below shows the one Update being listed in the “Needed Patches” list.


    1. Install the Update(s) by clicking the “Update Now” button in the menu at top. After clicking on “Update Now” it's recommended to turn on the following options:

        1. Automatically agree with all license agreements.

        1. Automatically install all interactive patches. If the above options are not checked, only the non–interactive patches would be installed. The interactive patches will continue to be listed in the “Needed Patches” list.


    1. Once the update is completed, the “Installed Patches” list would contain the updates as shown below.



Please note that after installation of the updates, you need to reconfigure Filr if you are updating from 3.0. Until then - Filr service will remain unavailable.

However, a reconfigure is not required if you are updating from 3.1. Post the update, the Filr Server might take a couple of minutes.

In the case of a Large Expandable Deployment, repeat the above three steps across all the Filr nodes of the large deployment.

    1. Reconfiguration - Applicable when updating from 3.0 (Perform this step only when all nodes are updated to 3.1.1): Once the update is completed, the “Reconfigure Filr Server” would be enabled by default in the “Configuration” tile of the Filr Appliance Tools. Finish reconfiguration by clicking on the “Reconfigure Filr Server” option to allow Filr services to be started with 3.1 features along with the bug fixes present in 3.1.1.

Notes: If updating from 3.0: Failure to complete the step 3 on all of the Filr nodes before proceeding to the “Reconfiguration” would result in the Filr service not coming up even after reconfiguration. This is explained in detail in the “Notes” section. The “Reconfigure Filr Server” option would be as shown below.


    1. After reconfiguration: You will be logged out of the appliance console page if you are still logged in.

Notes (Applicable in-case you are updating from 3.0):

    1. Failure to reconfigure the Filr node after updating to 3.1.1 will cause Filr services to not run till the reconfiguration is completed.


    1. If you set the scheduled installation of patches, the Filr Service will be stopped until the ‘Reconfigure Filr Server’ is done post the Installation of the Updates. Thus the 8443 port would not be accessible until the reconfiguration is done.


    1. If for any reason the sequence of update process is not followed i.e. updating the patch in all the nodes and then reconfiguring, then the Filr process does not come up even after a reconfiguration. Please contact support in case you get into such a situation.

Hope this helps you register your Filr appliance to the Online Update Channel and get ready to receive some interesting features we are working to share as part of the Filr 3.2 release!


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  • All of our government customers are using proxy for internet access. You "forgot" that detail.
    It can be set via ssh on the server directly, but the registration from web UI still does not work. I have a SR open, they advised us to open port 443 via proxy, which is not possible, all traffic goes via port 80,