GroupWise 7 Upgrade to 8.0.1 on OES2 SP2 (SLES10 SP3) - TIP for you!



Upgraded OES2 to OES2 SP2 (SLES10 SP3) Yesterday - NO PROBLEMS. NICE.


Upgraded GroupWise from 7 to 8.0.1. Everything went well except normal GWIA / WebAccess issues..No biggie, however, after about thirty minutes of troubleshooting I still could not get WebAccess to load. Well, then I realized other services were broken, everything pointed at not being able to find the gw.conf file.

The problem was:

GW folder was missing from /etc/opt/novell

I manually created that folder "gw" folder (/etc/opt.novell/gw)

Of course now the gw.conf file is still missing. So....Grab it from the old version 7 directory which was /etc/opt/novell/groupwise/webacc and paste it into then newly created GW folder.

I hope this helps someone have a better day when upgrading to GroupWise 8.

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Norm O'Neal

2010 Novell Knowledge Partner

Novell Users Group of Indiana (NUGI)

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  • i updated this weekend. Domain and post-office as usual, no problems.

    GWIA is stating me on the SLES Console as "unused" even if the GW-monitor is showing it as "up" and it is running well !

    so dont let you confusing about the wrong state in the "rcgrwpise status" command.

    Webaccess was also more or less no problem. Had to copy the commgr.cfg again to the Web-Application Server and my customized Login-Image changed from splash-02 to the install_top_n.png.

  • Just curious, but were the GWIA and WebAccess installations new or were you replicating the existing ones already in GroupWise? I have always found it more reliable to just create new gateways with new names such as GWIA2 or WEBACC2 and then remove the old when migrating. Various factors affect your decision about this.
  • Usually, the GW WebAccess is it most difficult to migrate and to configure.