GroupWise Address Book Wizard


The Toffa GroupWise Address Book Wizard will Import/Export between a GroupWise Address Book and a CSV, TXT or XML file, the user can select the Address Book fields that are imported or exported, the Address Book being selectable from the available GroupWise Address Books, alternatively the user can enter the Address Book name and if required the Address Book will be created automatically.

  • Import and export any field from the GroupWise address book fields collection

  • Save a list of the commonly exported fields for the next export

  • Save a list of the commonly imported fields for the next import

  • Export as xml with xml schema (xsd) support

  • All std CSV field contents are supported; Quote, Double Quote, Comma, CR LF etc.

Have you ever had 100's or 1000's of contacts with no way of importing them all into the GroupWise address book? Or have you ever wanted to export your GroupWise contacts in to a common format for use elsewhere? Then this is the tool for you.

This is one of many GroupWise tools from Toffa, check out our sync technology and Skype integration tools.

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