Quick Troubleshooting Tip for GroupWise Client Malfunction

You get to work and and you get a call that a client pc is slow and that GroupWise ain't working! Try this -- it could only be a 5-min fix and a reboot. Zoom in and focus on the gwsync service.

Some background information:
- GroupWise Client v7.0.2
- Windows XP SP2
- Single Sign-On
- Auto Archiving Enabled

- Windows login very slow
- Applications non-responsive after boot
- GroupWise client will not open on second launch

It all came down to be a corrupt gwsync.exe service. You can confirm this by Ctrl Shift Esc and ending the gwsync.exe service under the Process List, GroupWise Client will launch by itself and Windows will be back to normal.

After spending some time at the client workstation with a GroupWise Client reinstall attempt and other general routine checks I ended with replacing the gwsync.exe file with a healthy version form a working PC. This sorted the problem and client was happy ever after.

I quickly located the path to the gwsync.exe with the Process Explorer tool provided by Microsoft.

The gwsync.exe as described by Novell Documentation: "The gwsync.exe file is the program that synchronizes your Online and Caching mailboxes."


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