GroupWise: The Email you love; Fresh and New!

I hope that all of you saw the communication that went out yesterday and today to all customers, partners, and sales personnel.    Here is an excerpt:

The next major release of Novell GroupWise happens in late March! Code-named Windermere and shipping as GroupWise 2014, this release offers something for everyone: Active Directory integration and a new web admin model to drive IT efficiency, and new features and usability enhancements to make users more productive than ever. It also features a completely redesigned look and feel that keeps the focus where it belongs: on the user and the work.

Prepare your systems to upgrade today.

GroupWise Mobility Service 2.0.1 is now available. If you are planning to upgrade to GroupWise 2014, you will need to install the update to Mobility Service first. 

GroupWise 2014 is more mobile, flexible and responsive than ever before. We’ve updated it with:

  • A web administration console that brings mobility to your IT staff too

  • A dynamic user interface that hides commands users don’t need and presents them with the information they do

  • Active Directory integration and support for the latest platforms, operating systems and hardware—and even the ability to coexist with Exchange

  • Support for new mobile platforms, including iOS 7, Android 4.3 and Windows 8

  • WebAccess updates, including an auto-refresh feature

And, just like always, it’s reliable, secure and keeps your data firmly within your control. It’s GroupWise 2014. And it gets things done.

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