EasyProxy for GroupWise


Control your rights centrally - who can look in which mailbox.

For decades, the opportunity to control proxy rights in GroupWise has been missing; this has now been solved by IT Quality. EasyProxy works with GroupWise as a trusted application, and therefore you are able to take full control of your users' demand for proxy rights.

How does it work?
You choose which users, distribution lists, postoffice or domains need to have which rights. As an example, you have a distribution list called secretary and you need those users to have read and write access to ALL your users in the postoffice. You simply click on the distribution group and assign the rights to the PostOffice!
No need for the enduser to login again, or restart their GroupWise Client!
No need to run C3PO's on endusers workstations!
Works for clients running Windows, Linux and WebAccess!

You have a company policy which states EVERYBODY may READ everybody's public calendar entries - you can now do this in a minute.


You can do proxy right changes without informing any users, or you can let EasyProxy automatically send an information email to users notifying them that their rights have changed.

EasyProxy can even use dynamic proxy rights, since you can grant a distributionlist rights to an acount, and if you later add or remove users from that distributionlist, proxy rights will follow those assigned rights for the list.


  • Addresslist for grant and Exclusion is now sorted
  • Codecleanup for deletion of a proxy entry
  • Added posibillity to generate an HTML Report

GroupWise 6.5 SP1 or higher on backend and administrative workstation
Administrator rights for installing EasyProxy.
Administrator rights to Primary Domain


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