Coolest New Features in Novell GroupWise 8 for Windows, Linux/Mac, Web Access and the Administrator

By Travis Grandpre


  1. Bring Web 2.0 tools right into your GroupWise Home View – Create customized dashboards to bring front-and-center the tools and information that help you be most productive for any given project or aspect of your job. RSS feeds, favorite blogs or Web sites, team workspaces or other frequented Web applications – you can bring them all right before you in a nearly unlimited number of interactive panels.

  • Unleash your calendar – Subscribe to external calendars and overlay your work schedule with important holidays, your favorite sporting events or anything else you need to keep on your radar, and get live updates. You can also publish your own calendar so colleagues outside your organization can busy search your schedule and easily set appointments. A new second time zone feature makes it easy to manage appointments in different regions of the world.

  • Keep better track of your progress and priorities with intuitive task management – Prioritize tasks, visually see the percent complete, add subtasks and keep it all top-of-mind in a task panel in your Home View dashboard.

  • Turn your contacts into relationships. With a look and feel that brings your contacts alive, a new card format lets you add photos and profile information such as profession, published calendar link, birthday and family member names. Communication history and your notes with each contact also display so you can easily follow up on previous conversations. And, with GroupWise 8, no more searching from one address book to another; search automatically queries all of your address books.

  • Know the latest and the history on a discussion with a single click – Sort and view e-mails within a discussion thread. You can also open an e-mail and see the thread history with one click. No more responding to an issue that's already been solved or searching through your in-box and sent folders to piece together a discussion.

  • Leverage your favorite document editor to format your e-mails – Compose e-mail in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice so your e-mails look to others the way you intend.

  • Find one less thing to curse when your computer crashes. Auto Save is here!– Finally, you can rest easy knowing that any work you do in GroupWise will automatically be saved when your computer freezes.

  • Start your vacation sooner – A simplified “Vacation Rule” gives you a no-hassle way to easily set up an auto-reply to tell others you are out of the office. With start and end options, you don't have to worry about turning off the vacation reply once you return.


  1. Enjoy a Linux and Mac interface that's more like the one Windows users have. It's almost like triplets! – You have wanted to use a GroupWise client that looks and acts more like its Windows counterpart. Now you can! Customize personal dashboards to bring front-and-center all the tools that help you be most productive for any aspect of your job.

  • Bring together multiple calendars – Import external calendars and overlay your work schedule with important holidays, your favorite sporting events or anything else you need to keep on your radar. Color-code appointments so you can keep track of professional and personal commitments. And, a new second time zone feature makes it easy to manage appointments in different regions of the world.

  • Gather together all your e-mail accounts – Interact with your external e-mail accounts (gmail, yahoo, POP, IMAP and NNTP) within GroupWise. Organize them into folders and even place them in your Home View.

  • Organize your inbox – Sort your e-mails by fields such as date, subject sender, etc. Display your inbox to include a sneak peak at the first line of each message, see discussion threads or entire message previews.

  • Find things like never before - Now you can search for e-mails, appointments and contacts with a “Quick Find” feature.

  • Get notifications as you like – Receive alerts for appointments and e-mails. Set notifications so you can get to meetings on time and receive return status on emails and appointments you send out.

  • Find one less thing to curse when your computer crashes. Auto Save is here! – Finally, you can rest easy knowing that any work you do in GroupWise will automatically be saved when your computer freezes.

  • Tag e-mails and appointments – Add standard or customized categories to e-mails and appointments so you can pay attention to what's urgent, remember to follow up to a request, or simply read an item later.

Web Access

  1. View all of your e-mails in one list – Now you can see all your messages in one, scrollable list, which means no more clicking on “Next 20” to see additional e-mails. You can also re-size and re-order columns to suit your needs.

  • See your calendar come to life – With an improved graphical interface, color-code appointments so you can keep track of professional and personal commitments, and drag and drop meetings as your schedule changes.

  • Get the calendar performance you need – Publish your calendar so others can busy search your schedule and set appointments. And, now you can adjust your time zone to keep track no matter where you are; no more missing meetings because of mixing up local time with what's reflected on your calendar.

  • Enjoy improved contact management – With dynamic filter and search capabilities, you can be more productive online working with contacts. With contact “quick viewer” you can quickly search through all of your contacts. You can also check e-mail history for any contact and receive birthday and anniversary notifications.

  • Find one less thing to curse when your computer crashes. Auto Save is here! – Finally, you can rest easy knowing that any work you do in GroupWise will automatically be saved when your computer freezes.

  • Create impactful e-mails with graphical formatting – With new HTML features and on-the-fly spell check (java plug in not required), you can create customized e-mails that look and read the way you want. No more boring text e-mails.

  • Get to your inbox faster – Typically when you log in to your web e-mail, you have to wait until your address books load in order to use your inbox. Now you don't have to wait; your e-mails and appointments are automatically name-filled when you login.

  • Print your daily tasks – Now you can print a clean and organized view of your calendar that you can take with you when you are not in front of your computer.

For Administrators

  1. Publish multiple e-mail addresses for each user in Novell eDirectory - In the past, you could only publish one preferred e-mail for each user back to eDirectory. Now configure GroupWise to push to eDirectory as many e-mail addresses as you need to track for each user.

  • Get money-saving data from your audits – In the past, GWCheck performed audits to primarily track usage. Now, gather additional information such as client type and version, amount of disk space a person is using and when a user last logged in. All this helps you make accurate licensing, storage and account decisions.

  • Automate audits – Auto-schedule to have GroupWise perform audits at your preferred, set times and stay focused on other important issues.

  • Stop the Frequent Contacts lists from adding up – Sometimes frequent contacts lists in the client become too big and interfere with performance. Now, you can disable Frequent Contacts as needed to help users start fresh when they move jobs or simply need a clean slate for a different e-mail address.

  • Clean up un-mapped data In the past, when a mapping to data in the address book was discontinued, the data was left orphaned, cluttering the system. Now, the unneeded data is identified and removed from the address book, helping your GroupWise system remain at top performance. (The original data source is not affected.)

  • Create your system with one less step – Now you can create your GroupWise system without launching ConsoleOne. On Windows, the system creation can now be done during the install, eliminating a time-consuming step.

  • Make updating view files easier – As part of a post office creation or update, view files had to be manually created or updated. Now you can request that the post office agent automatically refresh the view files. This removes time-consuming manual steps in your day-to-day work.

  • Reduce administrative steps with improved interoperability – In addition to using the Message Transfer Agent to run checks of Novell eDirectory for necessary updates to the GroupWise database, you can now do that check from a Windows agent, through LDAP.


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Comment List
  • in reply to MigrationDeletedUser
    Thank you for the documentation link dlythgow.

  • in reply to MigrationDeletedUser
    I have eight people in my organization that use the multi-user calendar all day every work day. I had considered moving some of these people to a linux desktop, but I cannot until this feature is implemented.
  • in reply to MigrationDeletedUser
    How is everything plugged in? What ports that is. Also, power off the modem and the router. Your Comcast router likely is an ARRIS model or a Motorola surfboard. On the bottom of the Arris there is a battery pack. Remove the battery also. I can't remember enough about the surfboard to tell you if there is a battery pack you can access or not. if so, remove it. Wait a few minutes then put the battery back in and power on the modem. After the modem is completely back up and linked, plug the router back in to the modem then power up the router. After the router is completely up plug computer(s) back in. Hopefully this will resolve the problem. If not, then you might have to log in to the router and "static" the ip address.
  • in reply to MigrationDeletedUser
    This is a common request and one we would like to provide. We simply ran out of time in GW8, but it is still on our list. We did add several new administration options for Frequent Contacts with GroupWise 8. Please check out ConsoleOne and the new 'Address Book' tab in Client Options that allows you to completely disable internal autosaving.

    Hope that helps!!

  • Please, please, please?
    We'd like to be able to remove internal distribution lists in every users FC book, for example. Having old dist lists in FC causes so many requests for tech assistance, it is a real time waster...

    ability to centrally disable internal autosaving option is another example that comes to mind. (no, we don't use Zenworks)

    Thanks for listening
  • in reply to MigrationDeletedUser

    Great suggestion and feedback - I like and appreciate the solution and idea you have provided. We will log this as an enhancement!


  • If auto reply message looping is allowed it has the potential to create bounces between GW and an external account. If the auto reply is set to send only a single reply, users are expected to recall that the person they have mailed has already told them they are away. After a few days most people seem to have forgotten this!

    Somewhere GW must retain a list of addresses to which it has sent an autoreply. If this list can be deleted on a scheduled basis, auto replies can be sent more than once without the need to allow looping. Deleting this list daily/weekly would make some sort of sense.


  • in reply to MigrationDeletedUser
    I apologize...I know this is frustrating. This feature is one we want to add to Linux/Mac. We simply ran out of run way. So many other things to do that affected a larger number of users - although not the most important ones - like you!! :)

    We understand and we hear you... How many users do you have using Linux and how many do you believe would need/require this feature?

  • Still no multi-user calendar on Mac and Linux clients? :`(

    That means I have to keep running an entire operating system (XP) just so I can quickly and easily view a bunch of continually changing schedules.

    Is it really so hard to do multi-user calendar for the Linux and Mac clients? I mean, I can proxy in to the accounts easily enough... but being able to view a bunch of calendars at a glance is kind of a 'must have' feature for us.
  • in reply to MigrationDeletedUser
    There are a couple of great places for things like this...

    1. BrainStorm - our training partner - has begun production on several that are now available. More will be coming and more production quality. Check out:

    2. Novell is also producing some marketing videos to demo several of these features - in particular we filmed all of the ones that Travis has posted here - so watch for them soon.