How to Remove GroupWise Messenger From a Server


How to remove GroupWise Messenger from a server.

By Wallace Frist


NetWare 6.5 SP8 GroupWise Messenger 2.0.4


I was running GroupWise Messenger in two different trees. After consolidating users to one tree I wanted to keep my environment clean and remove GroupWise Messenger from the server and eDirectory. I could not find a way in any documentation to do this, so this is what I did…


  1. Shutdown the Messenger and Archive Agents.

  • Remove NMstart.ncf from Autoexec.ncf, but make note of the location first. (we’ll come back to this)

  • In ConsoleOne, find the GroupWise Messenger. In this example it’s called MessengerService. Delete this object and everything under it starting with the child objects by right-clicking and selecting delete.

  • Delete the directory structure for GroupWise Messenger. This is usually found in the same directory as the nmstart.ncf. To verify, edit the nmstart.ncf to see where the agents are loading from. In this example I would browse out and delete the sys:\system\novell\nm directory and everything under it.


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