Continuous Pending Email Messages in GroupWise Sent Items



Recently one of my GroupWise users notified me that an email message of theirs just does not want to send. I noticed that the message had been pending for one day already. I tried a resend and it would not budge.

I turned to the GroupWise MTA logs and I noticed the following entries:

15:08:50 712 RTR: gd1: 0000a7b1.LZ4: Routing /grpwise/domain/mslocal/gwinprog/4/0000a7b1.LZ4 (541 kb)
15:08:50 712 RTR: gd1: 0000a7b1.LZ4 Priority 4 47C42B7D.173:184:5941 : Transfer to (domain name)
15:08:50 712 RTR: gd1: 0000a7b1.LZ4: File saved as /grpwise/domain/wpcsout/problem/47c42b82.mta

The WPSCOUT/Problem folder is where problem messages are kept and will not be sent, unless you move them out of the wpcsout/problem folder to the agents folder. Still, you run the risk that the email messages can be dropped back into the wpcsout/problem folder.


I instructed the user to delete the pending email messages from 'All Mailboxes' within the GroupWise Client and to recreate it. To save him time, I copied the body text of the email before deletion to Windows Note Pad to clear any hidden formatting and pasted it back into a newly composed email.

The message, once stuck, now swiftly left his Sent Items folder.


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