Enterprise User and Import Management Utility (EMU)


Enterprise User Management Utility (EMU) for Windows 9x/NT4/2000/XP is the latest release available from Omni. It supersedes all previous EMU releases and contains all of the functionality included in previous versions.

EMU delivers the ultimate bulk user management interface. It enhances speed and consistency throughout your user creation and management processes. Create, modify, manage, import, or delete thousands of eDirectory, NetMail or GroupWise users in a single session. Update extended schema values or eDirectory and GroupWise passwords, group membership, or distribution lists for users based on the contents of information from your human resources or student registration database.

Latest Features and Fixes

The following major features and fixes are available:

  • Ability to save all create information to an EMU profile - a powerful improvement on the concept of user templates. Allows you to re-use the field links for multiple import sessions.

  • Check for duplicate accounts in the the entire eDirectory/NDS Tree before you create new users.

  • Automatically append a number to accounts that would otherwise conflict. Ability to change the duplicate accounts to a name of your choice.

  • Move user home directories to other volumes - keeps Trustee Assignments, File Ownership and Disk Restriction information

  • Bulk modify user account properties, GroupWise properties, NetMail Properties from an input text file

  • Bulk delete user accounts, home directories and GroupWise accounts from an input text file

The complete list of features for EMU can be found in the EMU Manual.

Several bugs have been resolved since the last release.


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