Troubleshooting GroupWise Agents on OES 2 Linux (BTW -GroupWise 8 Rocks!)


Since the release of GroupWise 8 the upgrades are off the chain! Everyone is wanting to dig into the new client and bring our world into 1 interface! With that being said, it's also no secret that upgrades bring troubleshooting...especially on Linux where many of us are still ramping up to speed.

  • Make sure that you realize that there is already Hot Patch 1 for GroupWise 8 on OES2 SP1. - CRITICAL Patch especially if your system resides on an NSS Volume

  • If you have an agent that will not load yet you cannot see it....because they do not load graphically anymore, do this: the following command will load them in a graphical window on the OES2 Server.

Example - gwia

/opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/gwia --show @gwia.cfg


/opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/gwpoa --show @mypo.poa

Remember that your configs are now stored at:


Get them working and then go back to running them as designed with a simple rcgrpwise start.

We also need to teach ourselves to look at the agents via a web browser, these http ports can be edited with ConsoleOne on the properties of each agent.

poa - 7180

mta - 7181

gwia -9850

Thanks, and I pray this makes your upgrade process a little less painful. GroupWise 8 Rocks!



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