Copying someone else's email when their computer is inaccessible

Q: How do I copy emails of a user to a local drive through the server? The user machine cannot be accessed.

A: Since the user machine cannot be accessed, the best bet would be to log into the GroupWise account as that user from another workstation. From there, you can print out any mail in the account. You could also archive it, or forward it to another user. If you do not know the user's password, your GroupWise administrator can reset the password in ConsoleOne. (Obviously you'll have to comply with whatever security policies are in place at your organization.)

If you are trying to access the user's archive that is stored on the user's machine, you are out of luck as you would need access to the archive directory for that.

Outside of that, GW doesn't natively have anything else you could do. You might want to look into Gwava's Reveal product, as a paid option. I believe that Reveal gives you more options.

Anyone else have any other ideas? Post a comment and share.


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  • You can use GWAVA's Retain product this will archive all email to a seperate server and all the email can be accessed by a web page other users can be given rights to access different email accounts configurable by the administrator.

    It also has a publish function which can place a copy of theinformation in the archive on the users machine accessable via a Retain Reader.