Automatic Distribution Lists for GroupWise (1782031)



A Forum reader recently asked:

"I'm looking to see if anyone has any experience/scripts/etc. with populating distribution lists automatically, based on output from another data source (such as PeopleSoft). I'd also like to synchronize account info (phone numbers, name, office address, etc.) from this same source.

I've done LDIF imports to eDir from PeopleSoft before. Any tips on GroupWise? ?"

And here's the response from Shivaji Samanta ...


I import our student lists from PeopleSoft by running a SQL query to generate a text file, and then I use a text editor with macro capabilities to format the output into the GroupWise NAB format. You can then just import it into the Address Book.

I have not yet had to do it often enough to justify programming it, but you could look at these Cool Solutions Tools for more ideas:


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