Providing Additional Contexts for GroupWise Messenger



A Forum reader recently asked:

"A customer just upgraded GroupWise to v7 from 6.5, and we decided to try out Messenger 2.0. The install went well, so we added users to the list. Here is where the problem occured: when trying to do an add contact, we can only search the current context of the user, and that is it. We would like to be able to add the ability to search all contexts for users. I know the tree has a public setup as a trustee."

And here are the responses from readers Dirk and Larry ...



During install of the Messenger Agents a context is set up for user access and searches. That information is stored in eDirectory in the DefaultScopeProfile object, which is in the ScopeContainer under the MessengerService object. You can add more contexts to this object if you want. In ConsoleOne, edit this object, save the changes, then restart the Messenger agents.


If you are using Direct Access (eDirectory) rather than LDAP for searching, you need to set up the "root" context in the DefaultScopeProfile and check the box "Include sub-contexts".

If you installed v. 2.0 this will work, but if you installed v2.02, it may not work. In that case you'll need to use LDAP for searching - this is a known issue.

The procedure for LDAP is in the nm2_admin.pdf document. We had much better results making the changes in the file vs. using ConsoleOne.


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