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Last week, Gartner published an article titled, Five Cloud Computing Trends That Will Affect Cloud Strategy Through 2015*. One of the five trends, Hybrid Cloud Computing is an Imperative, is particularly intriguing.

"Hybrid computing refers to the coordination and combination of external cloud computing services (public or private) and internal infrastructure or application services," says Gartner. As adoption of the cloud is forced upon IT departments from forward-looking executives, IT departments will need solutions that transition the organization as smoothly as possible. For the GroupWise community, a great starting point is the Reload hybrid cloud offering from GWAVA.

Many of you already have Reload onPrem for your GroupWise system. For those that don't, Reload is a rapid backup and recovery server that mirrors the GroupWise server. Since Reload is built around and designed for GroupWise, it uses native application calls to ensure perfect backups of GroupWise - never lose another email!

Reload continues to be one of GWAVA’s best received products because of how easy it is to use and how often it saves IT administrators from searching through archives for single email recovery; and on the occasion, for the immediate roll-over to a perfectly functioning GroupWise system in the event of a disaster. "Disasters" can come at any time--from hard drive failures, software glitches, server crashes to acts of God, a disaster to the GroupWise server can immediately take down business functionality. "Business Administration research shows at least 25 percent of businesses that shut their doors following [a disaster] never reopen...and many struggle to survive.” **

Reload is already a life-saving device for your business onPrem, it only makes cent$ to add another layer of security in the cloud. GWAVA now offers complete GroupWise backup and recovery from the cloud as an appendage to your onPrem solution.

Why Reload in the Cloud makes GroupWise cent$:

  • You’ll get added security that your business will continue in any disastrous event

  • In only 50 minutes of email-down time per year, Reload pays for itself (see

  • Your executives will be impressed with your initiative to move to the cloud

  • Logically, hybrid cloud is the first step to full cloud service usage

Thousands like Peter Wach have already experienced the unlimited savings with Reload, "My story is very simple. I installed Reload about 3 years ago. Since then, it just runs and runs and runs. Now and then I have to start a backup with a few mouse clicks in the web interface in order to restore a single mail, a calendar entry or an address book. Two times Reload saved my ass (pardon my language) when a GroupWise account was accidentally deleted by the GroupWise admin (who is me). I have seldom seen a piece of software which runs so smooth without any problems." (Facebook Post, March 7, 2012)

Learn more about how to get started with Reload in the Cloud:

* - Gartner Report
** - Article about Business Recovery


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