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For those of you that are looking for more solutions for connecting GroupWise with Android devices, I thought I would point out a new solution from one of our GroupWise partners. Ghost Pattern Software has had a good mail client and a calendar client for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) for a while now. Now they have just released a solution for Android.

In short, you get an easy to use, native Android app. It uses the menu and back buttons just like other Android apps, so it should be easy for your users to learn to use. But most importantly, this is a GroupWise app. It knows about accepting appointments, completing tasks, viewing the properties of an email you sent to see status tracking, and other GroupWise like features. Being able to search all of your GroupWise address books when composing an email is pretty helpful too.

They have two separate apps, GW Mail for Android and GW Calendar for Android.

GW Mail for Android is a lot like their mail solution for iOS. It gives you quick, simple access to your mailbox to deal with your daily flood of email. Here is a list of features that they list on their website.

  • Read your mail list

  • Switch folders, move items to folders

  • Read emails, and delete, read later, properties, etc.

  • Read attachments using the GroupWise WebAccess viewer

  • View attachments using apps on your device

  • Compose emails

  • Address book searching during compose

There are a couple of screenshots below.

GW Calendar for Android is all about looking at your calendar. You can see all of your appointments, tasks, and notes for a day, a week or a month. And like the mail app, you will be able to view or download attachments, accept or decline appointments and more.
Here is the list of features for the calendar app from their website:

  • View your calendar by day, week or month

  • Navigate to different dates to view your calendar in the past or future

  • View appointments, notes and tasks

  • Create appointments

  • Address book searching during compose

  • Accept and decline appointments, notes and tasks

  • View attachments using the GroupWise WebAccess viewer

  • View attachments using apps on your device

There are a couple of screenshots for the calendar app too:

Best of all for the IT crowd, these apps do not require a lot of effort to deploy. The app uses the GroupWise WebAccess server that you already have deployed to gather data. So when someone shows up in your office wanting to get their new Samsung Galaxy S or Motorola Droid X connected to GroupWise, just point their device at the Android Market and search for GroupWise. Buy the apps, login and the problem is solved.

Now you might want to test to make sure that your server works with the apps first. They have a free app, GW Lite, that does exactly that.

I know they give great service and support too. So you if you run into any problems, email them at Or you can email Daniel, the owner of the company, directly at


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  • great! Android has a wide variety of apps and finding some really good apps from them is really a tough task. but you mentioned a list of some really impressive apps. keep posting.
  • I work with groupwise more than 15 years. The only thing users argueed about in all these years was/is "mobility". First they used caching mode on their laptops, nowadays they expect running their android, windowsmobile or iphone using a native app against their groupwise-system. A 120-user-company can not afford running "some more servers" virtual or physical just to serve 15 iphones and 10 androids. They expect this running inside ONE server, no additional AD, no desktops running sync-tools like in the late `90s . Installation should be easily done by regular stuff.. not by expensive external people.
    If you tell them .. buy an app or setup some services .... they ask "how much more does it cost than using a Googlemail-domain?"! .. and they often decide for google. Most companys around 100 employees don`t worry about ownership of their "own " mailserver. They outsource all this within some days.

    All new features, new clients-interfaces for desktops are not requested by my cutomers. They get confused about all these names. Most of them just want to send and receive email, track their appointments and nothing more. Keep interfaces simple and they like it. Maybe you could give icons a new fresh design every 5-10 years.. that´s it.
    ..but give them every 2 month a Mobile-Device-Update so they can connect the new, cheap devices they buy twice a year...please!
  • Alex
    I noticed that the Q&A page on Ghost Pattern Software site says:
    Q: Why don’t you support Novell Access Manager?
    A: Because we do not have access to a NAM + GroupWise configuration that we can use for testing.

    Would you provide them information or a test bed that they can use to work this out. We have Mobility but we can't give it to everyone in our organization. Being able to direct our "less high-priority" employees to this simple solution would be a great benefit to us.

    Thank you
  • You can also just sync with Google Calendar in order to have your appointments sent to your Android device. There is a nice new tool that does just this (it's free with some limitations). It's called SyncJob ( Downside is that it's command-line only right now, but hey... if it works it works.
  • Ohh pretty please?

    Now that we have new ownership and hopefully new budget can we get a native i[device] gw client?
  • The Android apps don't use local storage so they work just like WebAccess does. You open the app and see what has changed. I do think that Daniel is working on a notification system for a release down the road.
    Androids in particular are tough to support as each device is different - some even register as 2 separate devices. I would say that you need to ensure that you are keeping current with the updates though.
  • We have been using GW Mobility (or data sync, whatever its called) with our androids with varying levels of success. First, we tried the native client that comes with android and users complained that they couldnt open forwarded emails (confirmed and terrible). So, I tried TouchDown client and thats better but still very iffy.. sometimes it takes hours for things you do on your phone to reflect in your mailbox, and vice versa.

    So, would one recommend GW webaccess? Does it "push" emails to the phone or do you have to basically refresh it yourself?
  • Alex,

    Thanks for letting us know about this. This might actually save some accounts.

    But I have a question...

    Why didn't you guys write this app four years ago as a native implementation talking to the POA on port 1677???

    Perhaps the change in ownership of Novell will light the appropriate fire under you and Dean to start getting the API's fixed as well.

    One can only hope.

    Best Regards

  • Thank you. Nice info you have there. Really helpful for all. Keep up the good work