Moving GroupWise Messenger to a New Server



A Forum reader recently asked:

"We need to move GroupWise Messenger 2.02 to a new server with a different hostname and IP but in the same location in tree. All I really want to do is preserve my users' contact lists and settings. Are there some directories I can simply copy over to the new server?"

And here is the response from Dirk ...


Starting up a new agent on a different box is pretty straightforward, but there are a couple of things to be aware of:

1. Clients will have to be configured/notified to log in to the new IP address (and possibly the port).

2. If archiving is enabled in your system, you must make sure that the IP addresses and ports of the NMMA and NMAA are configured correctly in the Messenger agent objects and/or the agent startup files. As long as you configure them on how to talk to each other, things will work just fine.

3. If the archive agent is going to be running on a different box, the archive agent files should be moved/copied before starting up the new agent. The directories are queue, store, and logs (if you want to logs to be accessible).

4. Verify that the configured paths (again, in the directory agent objects and the startup files) are correct.

In my test environment I have two sets of agents, one Linux and the other Windows, running against the same Messenger system in eDirectory. The only difference is that each one has its own Messenger "Server" object.

Contact lists are stored on each user's own eDirectory object, or on policy objects.


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