Forwarding GroupWise Message Text to Pagers



We are running GW 7.01. We have a maintenance department that wants trouble email sent to a central account. Then, depending on the technicians who need to work on the problem, a rule is set to forward the email to those individuals and to a pager. I can send an email to the pager, and the text of the email shows up OK on the pager. But when I forward it to the pager, the text does not show up. I have tried forwarding within the email and not forwarding as attachment, and it still does not work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Remove the pager from the TO: field and add a delegate rule. That should solve the problem. So, Rule1 goes to the proper technician's mailbox, and Rule2 sends a page to the pager, including the text from the body of the email.


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