Import users from CSV to GroupWise

Ok,  you've created a GroupWise 2014 test system to play around before making the plunge to update your current system.  Or,  you have already dived into the deep end of the pool and are running in production with GroupWise 2014,  awesome!   You may have noticed that you can now export GroupWise users (and other objects) to a CSV file.  However,  you may want to be able to import users from a CSV to your GroupWise system.

Here is a utility that will take a CSV file and create GroupWise users in a GW 2014 system.   It will create the users as GroupWise only users, meaning they will not be associated to either a eDirectory or Active Directory account.

The utility was created via Python and creates the users via the new GroupWise admin REST API.  The zip file contains an exe file as well as the source .py file.  The GUI was created using WXPython and the REST module used is called requests.   The requests module is not available as a standard Python module via most Linux or Windows Python installations.   Information on getting and installing the module is at .

Also in the zip file is a sample CSV that lists most of the common fields used for a user with the appropriate field names as a header row.


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