Using iManager 2.7 and Tomcat 5 with GroupWise 8 WebAccess


After some looking around and experimentation, I have found the answer to running the GroupWise 8 WebAccess & GroupWise 8 Publisher on the same Tomcat 5 instance that iManager 2.7 uses.

Although the Tomcat5.rpm from our distribution is necessary to install the WebAccess for GroupWise 8, It only has to be there when you start the WebAccess Configuration. After starting the WebAccess configuration, simply point it to your existing iManager 2.7 'webapps' directory, complete the configuration process, and then when you are done, make the following changes to the '/etc/apache2/conf.d/gw.conf' file. (What it puts in here is for the standard distro install of Tomcat 5)

Change the first two lines where is says:

ProxyPass /gw/webacc ajp://localhost:8009/gw/webacc
ProxyPass /gw/webpub ajp://localhost:8009/gw/webpub

so that it now says:

ProxyPass /gw/webacc ajp://localhost:9009/gw/webacc
ProxyPass /gw/webpub ajp://localhost:9009/gw/webpub

Notice the port number change.

Stop and start stop your Tomcat5 and Apache2 daemons now and you're all set.



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  • In addition to modifying the apache config files (see comments above), if you installed iManager *after* you have installed WebAccess, you will need to move the servlet directories and .war files from the original Tomcat5 webapps directory to the iManager Tomcat5 webapps directory.

    The normal Tomcat5 installation webapps directory is /srv/www/tomcat5/base/webapps, and this is where WebAccess installation puts the gw and gwcal applications by default.

    If you have installed them there, then later installed iManager, you can just copy the original Tomcat servlet directories to the iManager Tomcat webapps directory.

    humble:~ # cp -R /srv/www/tomcat5/base/webapps/gw /var/opt/novell/tomcat5/webapps/
    humble:~ # cp /srv/www/tomcat5/base/webapps/gw.war /var/opt/novell/tomcat5/webapps/
    humble:~ # cp -R /srv/www/tomcat5/base/webapps/gwcal /var/opt/novell/tomcat5/webapps/
    humble:~ # cp /srv/www/tomcat5/base/webapps/gwcal.war /var/opt/novell/tomcat5/webapps/

    (I copied rather than moved the directories, in case I need to switch back later.)

  • Great post. One thing to add is that not only should you modify the ProxyPass statements in the /etc/apache2/conf.d/gw.conf file, but you should also modify the /etc/apache2/conf.d/gwcal.conf file the same way.

  • This article relates to the Linux version, but I am having the same issue with Netware. NW65SP8 installs Tomcat5 and iManager 2.7 uses it, although Tomcat 4 is still being loaded.
    When Groupwise 8.0 webaccess application was installed it used Tomcat 4. Nothing loads unless Tomcat 4 and 5 are both running, but the /gw/webacc page comes up blank.

    I would like to try your solution, but there does not seem to be a corresponding gw.conf file in Netware.