Why It’s Time to Upgrade to GroupWise 2014...


UntitledGroupWise has always been known for bringing enterprise users the very best in collaboration and productivity tools. GroupWise 2014 continues that legacy with improved productivity, interoperability and flexibility—and most importantly, GroupWise 2014 lets users step out of the office and still do their work.

If you’re still using GroupWise 2012 or older versions, the new enhancements in GroupWise 2014 will surprise you. Among the many improvements in the newest version are user-interface enhancements like sliders to allow users to easily pick out the contacts they email most frequently and the ability to toggle between Reply and Reply All. But that’s not the biggest improvement we’ve made.

GroupWise 2014 is now more mobile than ever. Users aren’t the only ones that can get to and use their GroupWise accounts while they’re on-the-go. Administrators can now manage GroupWise wherever they are, through a standard web browser and an Internet connection. We’ve done away with ConsoleOneRegistered and replaced it with a web control panel that means even if admins leave the office, they can still get things done.

In addition to the increased mobility for administrators, we’ve also greatly enhanced the flexibility of GroupWise. Do you use NetIQ eDirectory? GroupWise works. Microsoft Active Directory? GroupWise works. A mixture of directories? GroupWise works. No directory at all? You guessed it—GroupWise works.

Finally, future support packs and enhancements will rely on your having GroupWise 2014. We’ve done away with multiyear releases, and will now release support packs at shorter intervals. If you haven’t upgraded to GroupWise 2014 yet, these benefits and constant support are great encouragement to do so!

Whether you’re a GroupWise veteran or came to GroupWise with the 2012 release, GroupWise 2014 enhances all the collaboration and productivity tools you love about GroupWise, while still offering you the best in interoperability and flexibility. When you add the enhanced mobility, GroupWise 2014 is one of the best upgrades you can make to your collaboration software, even if all your users notice is the sleek new interface.


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