GroupWise Basics: Getting eDirectory and the Novell Client when installing GroupWise


Karol K recently posted this question:
I am trying to install GroupWise 8.02 SP2 HP2. There is written in the readme that I have to have eDirectory and ConsoleOne. Is it delivered for free with GroupWise? Where can I get it?

A. Good question, Karol. ConsoleOne is included in the GroupWise build, so you already have that. When you purchase GroupWise, you are entitled to download both eDirectory and the Novell Client for free from the download page. Just pick the build you need for the version of the OS you are trying to install GroupWise on. They can be found here:



You should install the pieces in this order:

1. Novell Client
2. ConsoleOne
3. eDirectory
4. GroupWise

Hope this helps!


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