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What is this ?

This cool tool allows you to quickly and easily search in your system if a certain e-mail address is already assigned. It uses the connection to the eDirectory that you will have on a Windows desktop if you have installed the Novell client software.Just enter the first and last name and click "Find" to start a search in your eDirectory. If an e-mail address corresponding with the entered data is found, the first name, the surname and the name of the subject of that user account will be shown.

You can test for different formats by changing the configuration file, the following options are available:

  • [given name initial][surname]@domain = JSmith@domain

  • [given name].[surname]@domain = John.Smith@domain

  • [surname].[givenname]@domain = Smith.John@domain

The default rule, i.e. the rule according by which e-mail addresses are composed primarily, can be entered in the configuration file; you can try the other two options by selecting them in a combo box in the application.

If you use GroupWise 8, make sure to enable a new feature to simplify the searches for used e-mail addresses. This feature inserts any potential formats of user e-mail addresses into the multi-value eDirectory attribute for e-mail addresses. You can enable this in ConsoleOne -> Tools -> GroupWise System Operations -> Internet Addressing -> Publish to eDirectory.

Here are some of the features and benefits of this solution:

  • Searching for free e-mail address for new users by entering the given and last name;

  • Testing can be done on several options, for example: name.surname, the first letters of the name and surname, etc.;

  • A very quick and simple way that can be used by HR departments, no need to use ConsoleOne;

  • Runs on Microsoft Windows workstation, a Novell client is required.



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