Access over 10 hours of GroupWise 8 training right in your GroupWise interface

CBT-GroupWise8_250x272.gifBrainStorm, Inc. is pleased to announce its new GroupWise 8 eLearning Plugin. With over 10 hours of searchable video training content, the GroupWise 8 eLearning Plugin has evolved from BrainStorm’s previous versions of GroupWise computer-based training. Most significantly, users can now launch all 10 hours of training directly from the GroupWise 8 interface.

"In the early development [of GroupWise 8], we knew we wanted to integrate seamlessly with BrainStorm to help users make the most of this new version of GroupWise," said Dean Lythgoe, director of engineering for Novell GroupWise.

With each new GroupWise release, BrainStorm, Inc., the Novell Authorized End-User Training Partner, has launched a GroupWise Train-the-Trainer tour, produced a complete set of Novell-branded Quick Start Cards, and provided Novell-contracted on-site, instructor-led end-user training for any GroupWise customer, including Novell itself.

With all its Novell integration, however, the button on the GroupWise interface along with its accompaning plugin marks the first big step toward a completely new end-user training paradigm.

"We're very excited to be such an integral part of GroupWise 8," said Eric Farr, Principal of BrainStorm. "We believe that the addition of this button on the GroupWise interface and its ability to connect to our computer-based training will help hundreds of thousands more GroupWise users to make the most of all the productive features in GroupWise 8. As GroupWise end-user trainers, that is our ultimate goal."

The network version of the eLearning Plugin is designed to be loaded on an organization’s network where it can be linked in ConsoleOne to the GroupWise 8 interface, making the full 10 hours of GroupWise training content accessible to everyone in the organization.

Once launched, users can search from over 300 video training tutorials, or view topics categorically as part of pre-configured course lists. Video segments are short and concise, allowing users to get the help they need and return to their work, all without costly help-desk calls or the need to interrupt other office workers. Computer-based training helps users make the most of the rich, time-saving features in GroupWise 8.

To get more information about this eLearning plugin and other GroupWise 8 training solutions (including Quick Start Cards), GroupWise customers can contact BrainStorm at 1.801.229.1337 or visit

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BrainStorm, Inc. is the Novell Authorized End-User Training Partner and the oldest GroupWise partner. Through its comprehensive software end-user training solutions, BrainStorm has trained millions of users around the world and saved each user an average of 2.7 hours per week. For more information, visit


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