Getting notified when you have a new email

LZ wrote: I would like to know how to set up my Novell GroupWise e-mail account for incoming mail notification.

A. That's pretty easy. All you have to do is run notify.exe, which is in the same directory as grpwise.exe. If you have trouble with this, call your help desk.

For detailed info about how Notify works, check out this section of the documentation.


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  • Well but don't use caching mode when using notify, because then sometimes/often notify.exe will see a new mail before the Groupwise-client sees it. And when you click the [Read]-button in notify, you will not see the mail, because the Groupwise-client has not yet synced that mail to your caching-mailbox.

    And in my case, notify monitors some mailfolders which I have never selected. Those settings are stored somewhere in the Windows-registry and I can't change them for whatever reason.
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