Putting a Proxied User's Email in your GroupWise 7 Home View



I recently was browsing the net trying to find a solution for another problem, when I found a user who was trying to set up his/her proxied user's email account within his own mailbox's view (i.e., without have to proxy to the user's account). The responses on the post said it could not be done. Yet, I had already set up what I thought the user was inquiring about.

I work in an environment where I have my own mail and am also responsible, along with a team of people, for reading and responding to mail sent to another user named "Help Desk." I wanted a way to view both my incoming email and the Help Desk email side by side and found this could be done through the new Home view feature of GroupWise. I can even respond to the email messages from my account and do not need to proxy to the other mail account to do so.


Create a folder for the Proxied Mail Account:

1. Go to File > New > Folder.

2. Click on Find Results Folder and click Next.

3. Give your new folder a name (e.g., "Proxy Mail" because that is the mail account I am proxied to).

4. Move the folder to any location in the tree and click Next.

5. Uncheck "Home".

6. Check the Proxied account (you cannot expand this account – we'll filter the data in another way later)

7. Set Item Type to Mail and Phone Messages

8. Set Item Source to Received

9. Click Next, then Finish

Now create a new panel in your Home view so that it can be added to the columns:

1. Right click on the Home view item in your folder list and choose Properties.

2. Go to the Display tab.

3. Make sure View By is set to "Panels".

4. Click the Customize Panels button.

5. Create a new Panel by clicking on the New Panel button.

6. Name your new panel (again, I used "Proxy Mail").

7. Click the Change Folder button and browse to the Proxy Mail folder you created earlier.

8. Click the More Display Settings button and set the display settings in the same manner you set them up on the folder.

9. Click the Filter button, then the Advanced Filter button and set up your filter in the same manner as above (Item Type = Mail or Phone Messages and Item Source = Received).

10. Click OK.

11. If there are several folders where the proxied user stores/files email messages, you may need to narrow down the number of email items that are visible in this folder – this is because you cannot set the filter to just show items in the Mailbox in the earlier steps when creating the folder.

You can narrow the scope of the items listed by doing the following:

1. Highlight the folder and click Edit Panel.

2. Go to the Display tab.

3. Uncheck Show Group Labels.

4. Set a Date Range of Starting to 30 days (or less) and click OK.

The final step is to put the panel in the columns:

5. The top column box should already have the Calendar item in it.

6. Highlight "Proxy Mail" panel you created and click the Add bottom on the bottom to enter it into the second column

7. If you need to change the order of items in the columns, highlight the item and then click Move Up or Move Down as needed.

8. Click OK and save your settings when prompted.


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