GroupWise: GroupWise vs Exchange vs Google

New competitor comparison charts/tables were recently published on the GroupWise product page. Check them out!

Take a look here!

Since releasing GroupWise 2012, many customers and partners have wanted an updated document spelling out some of the key differentiators between GroupWise and some of our competitors. The GroupWise Marketing team, with support from Product Management, Sales and the awesome GroupWise community have produced and published several new pieces of material and posted them on the GroupWise product page.

The GroupWise Blog already discussed and highlighted one of those pieces ‘GroupWise: Features You Lose!’. Now, there are a couple of other ones for you to review and share.

GroupWise 2012 vs. Exchange/Outlook 2010

This table highlights several of the large areas where GroupWise shines while also touching on some of the specific features and capabilities that set GroupWise apart. As many Microsoft shops are still running old versions of either Exchange or Outlook, comparisons to earlier versions of the products on a customer to customer basis can also be very useful and informative.

It is also important to point out again that the power of any product is only as strong as the use and exposure of the capatilities and functionality. Making sure that your end-users know how best to use the tools that your organization has invested in will pay dividends for a very long time. Not only will end-users be happier about their experience with the product, but it will become more integrated with their day to day processes. This level of expertise makes the products, like GroupWise, harder to live without and makes comparisons less necessary.

You will see from this chart that GroupWise has several advantages over our competitors. From strengths in administrative options like ‘Installation and Deployment’ and ‘Easy Move User’ to end user features like ‘Task Management’ and ‘Silent Email Retraction’. Please take a look at this list and provide us feedback on other areas that you find GroupWise superior/easier/better!!

GroupWise 2012 vs. Google Gmail

This particular comparison is so easy! You are comparing more than two products, but two very distinct product categories. It is difficult to communicate the huge chasm of differences between Integrated Collaboration Environments (ICE) and commodity email solutions. Even industry analysts do not put these products in the same category. In addition, there are very few collaboration customers, or even ICE customers, who have commodity email systems today. Those customers who choose to replace their collaboration platform with a commodity solution will soon find that they got exactly what they paid for. Not only will the perceived cost savings soon evaporative, but the mission critical communication platform that their business, their employees and their customers rely upon will soon become a key productivity drain and the soft costs associated will such a decision will never be returned.

There have been several high profile examples that illustrate this far better than can be argued here. In addition, there are arguably many other examples that will never make it to public scrutiny because the embarrassment associated with admitting to this type of decision is covered up by a simple financial sheet defense.

Check out the comparison table and share with us how many of your users will be happy taking such a huge step backwards. Now if your users have never experienced an integrated collaborative solution, they may not know what they could be missing. They may argue that the very basics meet their needs. For some users, this is adequate. However, for your organization to be competitive, I argue that adequate does not create the most productive experience possible.

Maybe we should have a bake-off. Put the most experienced gmail user up against the most experienced GroupWise user and give them a series of tasks to complete. Then just for fun, unplug the internet and see their 99.99999% uptime go to zero while GroupWise caching mode allows for continued 100% productivity!

Please let us know if this information is useful for you and your conversations. Also tell us if there are things we should be adding to this list.



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  • We are happy to have you as a GroupWise customer. I'm sorry that you have had a few problems in your migration process.

    I encourage you to open incidents with support in order for us to best help and resolve the issues you have reported. That will allow us to gather all of the necessary information and specifics in order to trouble shoot properly.

    If you have any problems getting the help you need, please contact me directly at

  • We had migrate our mail system from Exchange2000 to Groupwise 2012, and there are several issues from me.

    1. GW client is not stable in double byte environment, many input method(like Chinese traditional ) will cause the gw crash !

    2. Novell support gave us a many builds of GW. the problem was solved in the first release,but the problem happens again in the latest build. We are fear to release the new build in our company

    3. GW did not consider Asian's company culture.(for example , the sequence of receipts is important to asian's users)

    4. We need a stable gw client not a fancy client. But GW2012 client is not stable in our environment!