Create your own URL using SetupIP method: Upgrading to GroupWise Client 2012

The method I used to upgrade an organisation to the latest GroupWise Client 2012, was to create my own URL Website. The users then needed to select the URL and had to follow certain instructions to upgrade their GroupWise Client. Here's how I did it:

    1. Create a directory called gwclient under /srv/www/htdocs on your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server ( SLES ) 10 or 11 WebServer: mkdir gwclient

  1. Download the GroupWise Client 2012 from

  • Rename gw12.0.0_client_win_multi.exe to gwclient.exe and copy gwclient.exe into the/srv/www/htdocs/gwclient directory

  • Open and copy all files from into the /srv/www/htdocs/gwclient directory on your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server ( SLES ) 10 or 11 WebServer

  • Change the ownership in recursive mode of the gwclient directory to the actual user that is logged in: chown –R username /srv/www/htdocs/gwclient

  • Change the permission of the gwclient directory chmod 755 /srv/www/htdocs/gwclient

  • Copy your organisation’s logo and logo name into paint or any image viewer. You can edit and save it as a .jpeg file and replace it with the current my_logo.jpg file in

  • Edit the gwupdate2.txt file, use any editor gedit or vi: Replace your organizations logo and name in the gwupdate2.txt file called my_logo.jpg

  • Replace the logo jpeg name the “OUR ORGANISATION” name, and the “our number”, with your organisation details and save the changes:

<div class="my logos" align="center">
<img src="my_logo.jpg" alt="MY_logo"width="350"/>
<div class="headTitle">OUR ORGANISATION: GROUPWISE 2012 CLIENT UPDATE</div>
( If you experience any problems please phone the IT helpdesk at our number )

  1. Edit your WebServer IP Address or DNS name into the gwupdate2.txt file and save the changes:Please select the <a href="http://serverdns or ipaddress/gwclient/gwclient.exe">gwclient.exe</a> file,: <a href="http://serverdns or ipaddress/gwclient/gwclient.exe">http://serverdns or ipaddress/gwclient/gwclient.exe</a>

  • Save the gwupdate2.txt file to an gwupdate2.html file. Copy the gwupdate2.html file into the /srv/www/htdocs/gwclient directory

  • You can also make changes to the gwupdatestyle.css file by changing the text, background –color, border, color and font-weight

  • Create a redirect symbolic link to the folder gwupdate2.html: ln -s gwupdate2.html index.html

  • Change the permission of the jpeg files: chmod 755 /srv/www/htdocs/gwclient/my_logo.jpg, run1.jpg and run2.jpg

  • This symbolic link will redirect it to the URL http://serverdns or ipaddress/gwclient .You can test it by right click on the gwupdate2.html, and open it in any Internet browser or type in the URL on your Internet browser, using an Windows operation system to test it.

  • Copy the http://serverdns or ipaddress/gwclient URL and e-mail it to the GroupWise users. In the mail message, instruct the users to a) connect to the Internet, and b) Highlight the gwclient.exe, click the right mouse button and select "Open".

  • The gwclient.exe will proceed to download and install GroupWise client 2012

  • If you experience any problem, not displaying the URL, you can restart apache: rcapache2 restart


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