Formativ Applet: Import Excel Data into an Address Book


This applet allows you to import Microsoft Excel spreadsheet data intoan address book. You can preview the address book field matching prior toimporting the spreadsheet data.

When importing email addresses into the address book email field, the solutionwill not add contact records which do not have a valid Internet formatted emailaddress, i.e. it does not have an @ character in the email address. In addition,duplicate contact records, based on a comparison of the email address, willnot be added to the address book.

You must map at least one of the following address book name fields: first name,last name or displayname. If an imported contact has no data for any of themapped name fields, it will be ignored and not added to the address book.

- Select the Excel spreadsheet file to import.
- Complete the start, end and preview row fields.
- Select a GroupWise address book for the imported data.
- Match the address book entry field with the spreadsheet column identifier.
For example: First name: A, Last name: B, Email address: E etc.
- You have the option to preview prior to the import. Press Preview to display a sample of the anticipated results (number of records to be displayed in the preview window is set by the preview row field in STEP 1).
- Press Import to import the data into the selected GroupWise address book.

- Formativ 1.5.2 or later version.
- Microsoft Excel. (This applet has been tested with MS Excel 2000 version 9.0)

- You MUST close the spreadsheet prior to importing.
The spreadsheet can be open while specifying the import parameters, but it must be closed prior to pressing the IMPORT button.
- You must have rights to the address book you are importing to.

INTEGRATIONS: GroupWise main toolbar.

*The installation file contains one or more Formativ applets, a brief help text file and any data required by the solution.

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