GroupWise Resource Archive


File name:

Size: 74.9 MB

Description: GroupWise Resource Archive without search index (index must be created by end-user).

File name:

Size: 136 MB

Description: GroupWise Resource Archive with search index.

See this article for complete information.

Further information, including system requirements and installation instructions can be found in the GroupWise Resource Archive readme document.

The GroupWise Resource Archive contains an invaluable source of GroupWise information. Collated by Advansys over many years, it contains NGW Digest emails since November 1999 from the essential GroupWise administrator's self-help NGW List resource, In addition, it includes Novell GroupWise Cool Solutions weekly news since May 2001,

The supplied Advansys Archive To Go Viewer and Finder software enables you to find the GroupWise information you need quickly. Use Archive To Go's full text search engine to leverage years of invaluable experience shared by GroupWise administrators, independent experts, vendors and Novell staff.


This resource would not be possible without the dedicated efforts and ongoing contributions of Trevor Harrison, Sean Kirkby and other key contributors to the NGW List, Sincere thanks goes to the Real Cool Guys at Novell GroupWise Cool Solutions, who also deliver an essential information resource to the GroupWise community.

System Requirements

  • Advansys Archive To Go Viewer

    • Microsoft Windows 98 or above

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or above

  • Advansys Archive To Go Finder and Indexer

    • Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1

  • Advansys Archive To Go Documentation

    • Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Disk space requirements:

    • Without search index: approx. 360 MB

  • With search index: approx: 500 MB

  • These requirements will increase as additional months are added periodically.

More information on Advansys Archive To Go can be found at

Note: The Archive to Go Viewer, Finder, and Indexer, which form part of the GroupWise Resource Archive, are fully featured and not time limited.


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